3 Reasons Every Fire Performer Should Own LED Poi

If you are a fire spinner, you likely own both practice poi and fire poi. Practice poi are a good tool to have for practicing new moves without getting yourself sooty or worrying about damaging the heads of your fire poi. However, not every fire performer owns LED poi, and those who do often make the mistake of considering their LED poi another set of practice poi. However, here are three reasons why you should own a high-quality set of performance poi in addition to a set of practice LED poi. 

They Allow You to Perform In More Spaces

Many venues simply will not allow fire performances, even if you have appropriate insurance. Some do not have adequate ventilation for fire performances and some owners or managers are simply concerned with the risks associated with fire performances. LED poi allow you to offer a spectacular visual performance in these fire-free venues, so it is important that you own a pair of high-quality LED poi to show potential clients what a show could look like in their venue. 

You Will Not Need As Much Insurance to Perform With Them 

When you perform with fire, you need performance insurance as well as a safety crew. For those nights when your safety crew is unavailable, or if you do not want to pay your performance insurance during the slow season, you can still offer LED performances. This will help you keep clients without wasting money on performance insurance year round. 

They Create a Different Effect Than Fire 

LED poi create a very different effect than fire poi. Although you can add chemicals to adjust the color of your flames, LED poi give you a broader color spectrum than flames offer. Additionally, many high-end LED poi allow you to program color changes into the heads to create a timed show with a more dramatic effect. They also offer various speeds of strobe-effects that can create different trailing patterns that are simply not possible with fire poi. Having LED poi in your performance kit allows you to create a more in-depth, dramatic show than you would be able to if you only had fire tools available to you. 

If you are a fire performer, it is important that you have at least one pair of high-quality LED poi in your performance kit. This will increase your professionalism and allow you to expand your career as an entertainer. Check out a shop like Light up and Juggle to purchase a set of LED poi.