Take Your Work Group To A Baseball Game For Some Team Building

When you're a manager who wants to ensure that his or her team works as a cohesive unit, you may be looking for some team-building activities that can help. While games and activities around the office or even an occasional outing for wings and nachos can be beneficial, it's also ideal to think about arranging for your group to attend a professional baseball game. Whether you have a major league or minor league club in your city, you can book a group of seats together — or spring for a private box — and let the group hang out without the pressures of work. You might be surprised to see how well the outing improves morale and teamwork.

Learning Of Common Interests

While it's natural that the baseball lovers among your staff will congregate and passionately talk about their love of America's pastime, simply sitting out in the sun on a pleasant day will encourage everyone to chat and open up a little. This can cause people to divulge some details about their lives outside of the office, which might not come up during routine conversation during the workweek. This, in turn, can help to strengthen the relationships between members of your team.

Opportunity For Games

Pro baseball stadiums have a variety of different games that your staff members can play, which will create lots of laughs and camaraderie — and hopefully strengthen the bond between people, too. For example, the speed pitch booth is common. In this game, people throw baseballs at a target and have their throws measured with a speed gun. This will lead to some friendly competition among those with the stronger arms, as well as some laughs and good-natured ribbing with those who have the slower throws.

Unique Opportunities

Going to a baseball game with your staff can provide some unique opportunities that can lead to bonding. If you book a group package with the team, you may be able to enjoy some perks that the average fan doesn't get to experience. For example, many teams will have group members throw out a series of first pitches before the game. This can be a real highlight for the baseball lovers in the group, and a thrill for everyone just because they get to be on the field and have their moment in the spotlight. Some of your group members might also get invited to play on-field games (perhaps racing the mascot) between innings, which will create plenty of laughs and ideally strengthen the bond among the group.