Using Plastic Strip Screens For Your Business’s Patio

For restaurants and various other types of business, an open patio can be extremely attractive to customers that are wanting to enjoy beautiful weather and scenery. Unfortunately, leaving the doors open so that the patio area can be easily accessible may allow pests inside the building or compromise comfort by letting hot or cold air into the building. Plastic strip screens may be an effective solution for combating these problems, but many businesses will fail to fully utilize these tools.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Plastic Strip Screens?

These plastic strips can significantly reduce the ability of pests to enter the building through the open door and this can help to keep the air from outside from entering the structure. This is possible while still eliminating the need to open or close the door leading to the patio, which can make this an excellent choice for workers that will need to regularly carry items out to the patio.

Will Installing Plastic Strip Screens Damage The Wall Or Door Frame?

Due to the fact that you may only have the patio open for certain times of the year, you may not want the plastic strips to be installed permanently. Luckily, these systems are designed so that they can be applied and removed without causing permanent or otherwise significant damage to the door frame. For businesses that will use these strips on a yearly basis, it may be best to install a track just above the door frame. This track will allow for the strips to be removed when the patio is no longer open while still being discrete and secure.

How Do You Maintain Your Plastic Strip Screens?

Plastic strip screens will be touched by a seemingly countless number of people over the course of a day, and this can lead to it becoming very dirty if the business is not diligent at keeping it clean. Luckily, cleaning these plastic strips will not be difficult as your workers can simply wipe them down with sanitizing solutions. Ideally, this should be done every day or two so that the plastic strips are as clean as possible. When you are done with these devices for the year, you should store them in a dry location. If they are kept where condensation or other types of moisture can get on them, it could lead to permanent discoloration due to mold and algae growing on them. Once this damage forms, the plastic strips will need to be replaced if you are to ensure the patio is welcoming to customers.

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