Using Plastic Strip Screens For Your Business’s Patio

For restaurants and various other types of business, an open patio can be extremely attractive to customers that are wanting to enjoy beautiful weather and scenery. Unfortunately, leaving the doors open so that the patio area can be easily accessible may allow pests inside the building or compromise comfort by letting hot or cold air into the building. Plastic strip screens may be an effective solution for combating these problems, but many businesses will fail to fully utilize these tools. Read More 

Repairing An Old Nintendo NES: Tips For You

If you are an avid gamer, you may be interested in trying out the classic games on a classic gaming system. As such, you also might have found yourself an old Nintendo NES system that you are looking to fix up and repair so that you can get it in working order and enjoy all of the benefits of a classic gaming system and all that it has to offer. Get to know some of the ways that you can get your new old Nintendo NES up and running and get started trying your hand at them as soon as possible. Read More 

Take Your Work Group To A Baseball Game For Some Team Building

When you're a manager who wants to ensure that his or her team works as a cohesive unit, you may be looking for some team-building activities that can help. While games and activities around the office or even an occasional outing for wings and nachos can be beneficial, it's also ideal to think about arranging for your group to attend a professional baseball game. Whether you have a major league or minor league club in your city, you can book a group of seats together — or spring for a private box — and let the group hang out without the pressures of work. Read More 

3 Reasons Every Fire Performer Should Own LED Poi

If you are a fire spinner, you likely own both practice poi and fire poi. Practice poi are a good tool to have for practicing new moves without getting yourself sooty or worrying about damaging the heads of your fire poi. However, not every fire performer owns LED poi, and those who do often make the mistake of considering their LED poi another set of practice poi. However, here are three reasons why you should own a high-quality set of performance poi in addition to a set of practice LED poi. Read More 

Three Decorating Tips For Your Ballroom Reception

A ballroom can be an excellent place to host your wedding reception. However, decorating a ballroom for these receptions can seem like a difficult task due to the various details that will need to be considered. Not surprisingly, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, but if you utilize the following tips, you can help ensure that your ballroom will be perfectly decorated for your reception. Utilize The Vertical Space Of The Ballroom Read More